Monday, May 5, 2008

Traveling in Nova Scotia, Part 1

I spent the last week in Nova Scotia with my husband as we celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. It will take several posts to really talk about the experience as it relates to MCS, but suffice it to say that Nova Scotia is MCS friendly. We stayed in three different Bed and Breakfast inns, which were all scent-free, and everyone we spoke with understood, and was sympathetic, about MCS.

We flew into Halifax on Saturday afternoon, and the next day we attended church in a scent-free building. It was the first time I have attended the full three hours of church in many months. What a joy to be feel safe and really enjoy the worship services. As it turns out, there is a well-respected environmental illness clinic in Halifax, and the director is a member of the LDS Church. He suffers from MCS himself, and he has done a great deal to educate people in the area.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful trip. For ten days I felt like a normal person. It was hard to leave, and I'm not home yet. I took a little side trip to Virginia to see our youngest daughter. I am safe in her home too, so it's all good. The only problem I had today was with some people in the airport waiting for the plane to board. Fortunately, they were flying first class, and I was at the back of the plane.

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celia said...

Those airports can be tricky; when we picked up our daughter from her trip to Mexico I had to go stand in an unoccupied area far away from where my family were waiting . . .

and it did feel sad; I wanted to be right there to hug my girl--

ah well . . .

I am ready to go to Nova Scotia!!!