Thursday, April 24, 2008


Our much anticipated trip to Nova Scotia starts tomorrow. My husband writes back-of-the-book indexes for travel guides. Several months ago he was indexing a book on Eastern Canada, and it looked really interesting. As I looked further into the possibility of a vacation there, I discovered a world renowned clinic for environmental illness in Halifax, and businesses in the area that are very MCS-friendly.

We will be staying at three different Bed and Breakfast inns, all of which are fragrance-free and serve local organic foods for breakfast. In addition, they are all able to meet my dietary needs (gluten-free). I am told that the city of Halifax has a fragrance-free ordinance for public buildings also. One concern I had was the rental car, but when I spoke with the agent at the Halifax airport, she knew exactly what I was talking about and said she would make sure I got a smoke-free and chemical-free car. I hope everyone else we meet will be as accomodating.

I'll try to post once or twice during the trip if we come upon internet access. I'm not taking my laptop, since this is a vacation (our 35th wedding anniversary). I'm ready for it.

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celia said...

I was really pleased with our bed and breakfast; it was "green"--

the owners did have an elderly cat (I am allergic to cats--my only "real" allergy, I think)--

but the cat didn't go upstairs (where the bedrooms were), and I was fine--

I think I would like VERY much to visit Hallifax--

I hope you do well with the flight--
I went to pick up my daughter from the airport last week and it was really bad; I had to find an "empty" place to stay while my husband and younger daughter met our traveler--
and I coughed the rest of the day and had a bad spell the next day--
oh well--

praying that your experience will be good--