Thursday, April 10, 2008

Getting the word out

Well, I'm really sticking my neck out now (at least for me), trying to get the word out about this blog and about MCS.
I sent an email to the editor of MormonTimes (a new online section of the Deseret News), suggesting an article about MCS/EI. I'll post the response (if I get one).
I have also emailed just about everyone I know about this blog.
If anyone reading this knows of anyone who has MCS or is associated with someone with MCS, please refer them to this blog. I know there is a large community of MCS sufferers in the LDS church, and in other churches as well, who would benefit from this type of online support.
Let me be clear that this is not a place to gripe about the LDS Church (or any other church, for that matter). I am seeking positive ways to educate and support church members so that we can all feel and be a part of the church community.

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SharonB said...

You are my hero!