Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bed of Roses by the Sea

This is an appropriate name for the chemical-free bed and breakfast we stayed in on Prince Edward Island. Though the roses weren't in bloom the last three days of April, we truly felt like we were cradled in luxury. In fact, Aravinda and Jasmin, the fine hosts who run this establishment, often refer to it as the "Cradle on the Waves."

The home sits on the edge of the North River in Charlottetown, PEI. One morning we watched the fishermen raking for oysters as we ate our custom made breakfast of homemade yogurt, fresh date muffins and home-grown peppermint tea. The hosts are originally from India, and it was a delight to share in other ethnic breakfast foods as well.

Beyond the beautiful room and delicious food, we enjoyed stimulating conversation with two people who instantly became friends. Their understanding of chemical issues is prompted by a sincere concern for all people and the stewardship of the earth which we have all been given. Their multi-cultural perspective was enlightening and has inspired me to think about chemical issues from a broader view. There are things which I can do to change the world, even though I am only one person. Jasmin and Aravinda are such good examples of two people who practice what they believe. They are not chemically sensitive themselves, but they have a genuine concern for those who are and for the world as a whole. Though it is their goal to return to India in the next year, they will continue to run the B & B in the meantime. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


SharonB said...

I'm so there. Okay, not really but if I could I would. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful experience.

celia said...

I am checking out all the links; I LIKE the idea of scent-free toiletries; I wish I knew where they got them; I use highly rated "natural" shampoo (have checked them out on MCS sites) and creme rinse, but they include herbs, such as mint, and I worry about that hurting someone who can't handle even that level--

I like the idea of that very much--