Monday, May 19, 2008

MCS America and other national organizations

If you do a Google search for MCS organizations, you come up with a very long list of groups which have organized to promote education or provide support for those with chemical sensitivity. (You also come up with some negative stuff, which is not worth the read.) Most of them have interesting and informative websites. My favorite of these websites is that of the MCS America group, .

MCS America clearly states their mission as follows:
To gain medical, legal, and social recognition for multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) as a disorder of organic biological origin induced by toxic environmental insults.
To provide support and referral services to the individuals with MCS, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and fibromyalgia (FM).
To ensure that environmental toxicants are identified, reduced, regulated, and enforced through lobbying for effective legislation.

I recently joined MCS (which is free--see the left hand sidebar of their home page) to receive their emails (which are several/day). They also have a monthly newsletter (via email) which I have been receiving for several months. The information in their newsletters and daily emails is all very interesting, and I will be referring to some of it in future blog posts.

Another group I have joined is the Chemical Injury Information Network, . Membership in CIIN is by donation, and they also publish a monthly newsletter (in both print and online versions). I find their newsletter particularly interesting because of the advertising it contains, as well as informative scientific articles.

Both of these organizations have links to yet other groups on their websites. I find that the MCS-America site is a good one to refer people to who know very little about MCS. The information is easy to read and well documented.

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celia said...

thank you for this information; I found an MCS site and somehow lost it; I'll try these next . . .