Wednesday, May 21, 2008


In the MCS America brochure entitled "Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity", two primary treatments are recommeded for MCS:
1. Strict avoidance of contact with all chemicals, even those one is not sensitized to, as sensitization is more likely to occur with repeated exposure.
2. Proper nutrition to increase nutrients needed for normal detoxification when exposures do occur.

My personal concern and search for a healthy diet began many years ago as I struggled with multiple food allergies and was subsequently diagnosed with celiac disease. We (my husband mostly) have gardened organically for almost thirty years, and I buy almost exclusively organic fruits and vegetables. I don't eat very many prepared foods (i.e. chips, crackers, boxed mixes), and I avoid sugar (though I haven't figured a way to cut chocolate completely out of my diet; it's one of the main food groups, right?). I have no question (and medical science actually supports me on this) that diet plays a big role in overall health.

A more interesting question, however, is what role diet supplements should play in the treatment of MCS. People with celiac disease have major problems with absorption of nutrients from the foods they eat, so vitamin and mineral supplements are essential. But I wonder what effect they have on MCS.

An MCS friend told me a few months ago that she takes glutathione precursor (as recommended by her doctor), but I haven't been able to find any information about what this supplement is supposed to do. The last thing I want to do is recommend any medical treatment to anyone, but I am interested as to what has worked for other people in the way of diet and food supplements.


Barbara said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Magnesium. It started 10-12 years ago when I suddenly began experience serious PMS issues. I read a book that suggested that inadequate magnesium was the cause. I added magnesium supplements and the change was incredible. Just ask my husband!

I, too, believe that getting nutrients natually is best. But the type of farming we do in this world today doesn't replenish the soil. Magnesium is critical to every chemical process in the body.

Barbara said...

Forgot to add - Chocolate is definitely one of the primary food groups. It is essential to good health and well being!

CatherineWO said...

I have used magnesium for several years for the same reason. It does make a difference.

celia said...

I have used elderberry and zinc as immune boosters; it didn't seem to help with my last viral "battle"--and I was quite disappointed, but I don't want to think about what would have happened if I hadn't at least tried it--

can't get discouraged . . .


I have found a number of chocolate brands that use unrefined sweeteners and are fair traded--(is that a proper word?)--

probably the best is Divine--but Green & Black and organic Chocolove are also very good . . .

Endangered species has disappeared locally, which makes me sad; it is quite dark, but I usually like that--though I eat limited dairy, I don't put dairy and chocolate together--

I am VERY sad to have lost our local source for organic chocolove--

is high quality chocolate becoming more difficult to get as fuel prices increase, I wonder--

These chocolates ARE expensive, however--

so they are a very rare treat, but they ARE a treat!!!