Friday, July 25, 2008

Slight Change of Direction

This blog has become a little stale (more than a little, actually). So, after some thought, I have decided to expand my blogging horizons by just slightly changing directions.

I started this blog with the idea that it would serve as a discussion place for people in faith comminities with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). However, I have found it hard to keep up a daily blog with such a narrow focus, and anything less doesn't keep up interest or any discussion at all. I have also found it difficult to reach my intended audience. I tried distancing myself from the Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) community to gather more readers, but that was not effective. And, frankly, my favorite blogs are written in the Mormon online community.

In my effort to educate others about MCS, I think I have been too impersonal. Part of the reason for that is that I'm a very private person. Recently, however, I have been posting some more personal stories on other blogs, and it occurred to me that I should post them on my own blog.

The other problem I have is that I'm not very social (partly due to the MCS and mostly due to my anti-social personality), and I don't have very many real-life friends, as opposed to cyber-friends. I'm not sure I really need (or want) more friends, but I do need and want to write.

So, here comes the change. MCS is really a part of who I am. I have other issues (like celiac disease, fibromyalgia and arthritis) that are part of the physical me, but I don't think about them most of the time. They're just there and I've learned to live with them. I've also learned to live with my MCS, but the rest of the world, even my family and church world, has not learned to live with it, so it causes no small amount of conflict in my life. I am intent on managing and demolishing that conflict as much as possible.

Thus, I will continue to include aspects of MCS in my blog, as it pertains to my daily life and as I gather information that may be helpful to others. However, I am more than just a person with MCS. I am part of the Mormon community (more cyber than local). Within that context, my more passionate interests include family relationships (mothering, grandmothering, wifing), women's rights, history, literature, writing, printing and publishing, MCS, religious thought, earth stewardship and other things I just can't remember at the moment.

So, I'm going to stop worrying about whether or not anyone is reading this blog and just make it more interesting to write. That means that if anyone else does read it she/he may not agree with me. I may even step on a few toes. That is not my intent. Rather, my intent is to be honest and to explore life from my Mormon MCS viewpoint. Who knows? Maybe I will learn a thing or two in the process and become a better person for it. I hope so.

[Note: anyone reading this blog will just have to put up with my vocabulary. I like to make up words, and I'm a terrible speller.]

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