Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quiet Summer

It's a quiet summer night here in Helena, Montana (except for the chirping of the crickets and the clicking of my computer). The air is clear, the night is cool, and we haven't had any fires to speak of yet, because we've had rain right into July. I hope it stays this way all the way into September.

I'm off to Virginia for the birth of another grandchild. The air won't be as clear there, nor as cool, but my daughter is all prepared for me with a scent-free apartment. I do have a great family who are very protective of me. I was just remembering the other day an incident several years ago when I walked into a department store with one of my daughters, and a sales clerk stepped out in front of us and started to spray perfume in our faces. Almost before I knew what was happening, my daughter was out in front of me yelling something to the effect of ,"What are you trying to do? Kill my mother?"

It's nice to be loved.

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