Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good News! Fragrance-free Signs

There was some very good news on the home front this week in the efforts to create fragrance-free church buildings (or at least fragrance-free areas) in Helena, Montana. For months my DH (Dear Hubby) has been traveling between church buildings on Saturday afternoons to put up and take down fragrance-free signs, because we were told by the local Church Facilities Management (FM) person that we couldn't put up permanent signs. With two buildings here in Helena and two more in outlying areas, this has become a time consuming task, but he has done it willingly and without complaint.

I, on the other hand, have become impatient with the whole sign issue. There seems to me to be a significant difference in people's behavior when the signs are up as opposed to when there are no signs in sight. So, in my frustration, I wrote a letter to the Physical Facilities Department of the LDS Church in Salt Lake City.

Last Friday, I received an email from the FM person over our area informing me that they had received my letter and they were working on a solution to provide us with permanent signs, both on the outside doors and beside the doors to the chapels of our buildings. Of course, DH has been given the job of arranging for those signs and getting them posted, but he is happy to do it, and I know it will be done in the best way possible. That's the only way he does anything.


Becca said...

That's exciting Mom! I'm impressed that your DH (and thus my DD?) has been putting up and taking down the signs every week. You're right though -- when Randl does something, it will be done well. And anyone who doesn't know dad will probably think that I just spelled his name wrong. Nope, that's how it's spelled.

Anonymous said...

Permanent signs will really let everyone know there is a no-fragrance policy firmly established. It's wonderful to watch how much you've progressed on this issue. You're an inspiration! You are way out ahead of the curve on this, it's a model that others will emulate. Thanks much for all your hard work on this issue.

camille said...

Hi, This is exciting. My husband struggles w/fragrance sensitivity and hasn't attended church in a few years. Our current Bishop is going to begin a campaign to educate our congregation about fragrance and to try to accommodate his needs. Could you tell me who to contact in order to obtain the signs for our ward in Holladay Utah? THANKS!!!