Thursday, September 18, 2008

Important Research into Chemical Injury

Okay. I just typed a whole new post and then lost it. But it's REALLY important. Following are links to two articles about new research into the effects of chemicals in our environment on children and adults.

The first one offers evidence to substantiate the claim that chemicals cause damage to children, resulting in behavior and other health problems. Not that this is any news to any mother who has ever given her two-year-old a bowl of Fruit Loops, but it's nice to have some validation from the experts.

The second link is to an article summarizing new research reported in medical journals this week about the link between the chemical found in plastic containers with heart disease, diabetes and liver illnesses in adults. The FDA is still considering whether to ban this chemical (the chemical companies are very powerful), but some manufacturers have already voluntarily stopped using it. With this new information, we can hope that more will follow suit.

These would be good articles to forward to anyone who has doubted the validity of chemical injury. The information is more than a little scary.

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