Monday, June 2, 2008

Fragrance Free at Church

We have identified at least nine local church members who have chemical sensitivities. Some of the church leaders think it would be a good idea to establish a fragrance free policy for the church building and have asked me for some resource information. Of course, I am happy to give them all the information they need. One of the questions they have asked is what cleaning products should be used in the building and where they can be purchased. I have a list of products that are readily available at local stores, but I'm in a quandary about what they could use in the soap dispensers in the restrooms.

Restroom soap is a real problem for me when I am in public buildings. I had quite a reaction to the soap in the Bozeman airport on our recent trip to the east coast. I'm going to check with the supplier of what is being used in the church building currently to see if they have anything that would be safe, but beyond that, I'm a little perplexed. Personally, we use an olive oil based bar soap in our home bathrooms and a liquid hand soap (Shikai Very Clean Hand Soap) at the kitchen sink (it comes in a pump bottle). I suppose the church could always purchase the individual pump bottles of hand soap also, but that would be expensive, not to mention NOT environmentally friendly.

So this is my quest for this week--to find a fragrance free, chemically safe handsoap for the restroom dispensers at church.


Johnna said...

Do you usually carry something like Purell hand sanitizer when you're out in public then?

I wish I knew anything about a soap to recommend to the church bathrooms.

celia said...

I sometimes use one or two of the Kiss my Face soaps when I don't use pure soap (made in California; it's costly to ship, though)--and I think I've seen it in bulk, but it would be expensive--

You're right; it's the cost, but even the unscented Kiss my Face does have a fragrance--though I can handle some of them . . .

a dilemma--

those nasty soaps in dispensers . . .


What would they think if we had them put unscented dish soap in the dispensers?


They can't be more drying than many of those dispenser soaps--